Put your hands up in the air… WAVE’ em from here to there…

The wave was a very interesting exercise that helped me think about using geometric patterns, tiling and depth in order create an interesting terrain. Innovation in the design came at 3 stages

  1. Creation of pattern
  2. Surfaces at which pattern is projected on
  3. Routing tools used to carve out wave surface
  4. Routing tools used to carve out pattern

In creating the pattern, I learnt a new skill on illustrator. Where I live traced a photograph and then abstracted the glasses in the picture.

Abstracting further and multiplying the image in a systematic way, I came up with the following pattern…

Which I then started to consider projecting onto our wave surfaces. In order to create depth, I created 2 more surfaces under the original surface which I then pushed and pulled using the points on command.

Next step was to get a simulation of the wave by experimenting with the various router bits available. I experimented with the a parallel, radial and plunge roughing to create the surface, as well as engraving and pocketing using the 15mm and 6mm router bits. Here are a couple of the simulations I was really happy with and decided to choose between…

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