Maria 217 – Crushed glass light box – Hybrid :)

so as usual i was stuck for ideas on what i should do for my final project…after doing some research finally came up with an idea…and i was happy with the end result even though the process of doin it did my head in!! well lets just say i didnt have the patience to keep up half way through…

techniques and machines used :

rhino – to create the 3d surface

3 – axis cnc milling – to cut the 3d surface

Vac Foaming – to get the 3d surface on to clear acrylic

laser cut machine – to get 4 panels for the light box with letters so that the light can shine through

hand crafting – crushed coloured glass to be pasted on to the clear acrylic

Painting – Black paint used to paint the surface where light is not needed to shine through

total cost :

mdf block – free

cnc milling  – free

laser cutting – free

coloured glass/used coloured beer bottles (bunderberg Beer & cascade light…:P) – $15 for coloured glasses, beer bottles free

Acrylic sheet – $6.95

overall the estimated total was about $ 25

(though the prices will be usefull for anyone who’s intrested in knowing how much it cost, its great to know that all the machine work was free )

so here are some images that will show you  step by step of my final hybrid and some photos on the day of our final exhibiton….

inspirational images

10 easy steps

i mainly got the idea to create this bubble surface from our previous project – the wave

some photos with light in the box. it was amazing to see how the light was shining through the coloured crushed glass pieces

at the exhibition

I really liked the Hybrid Project as it helped me to learn more about the machines and be confident to use them for my other projects and also  improved my hand crafting methods. I can see someday using these methods and tecniques for my future projects…

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