Project 1…THE PIPE

As ridiculous as this sounds, and possibly is, at the beginning of the semester, I hadn’t yet ventured to the expensive, intimidating lasercutter at RMIT. It was DEFINITELY time I faced my demons….

Step 1: addressing you have a problem if you’re scared of the lasercutter

Step 2: addressing the problem with help from Fab Fab

The story starts…I began by familiarizing myself with the program known as Rhinoceros (however, it didn’t sound like a program I was going to succeed in battle against). I had used Rhino a small amount last year but Fab Fab was exposing me to things I would never have discovered flying solo.  Points on, points off, pull the pipe here, push it there.

There was method in my madness. My idea was to create, more or less, a symmetrical pipe that could one day double as a lamp perhaps (with the light bulb inside. Thus, experimenting with the pipe shape saw some forms arise that did in some ways (I thought) resemble a lamp.

My choice…

Now to load the script, arrange the horizontal and vertical ribs within a 900 x 600 rectangle (the size of the laser cutting bed), save my work and import it into Illustrator, change the line weight, put the text on a separate layer to etch and we’re ready to go.

loading the script

the Rhino file…ready to import into Illustrator


4 thoughts on “Project 1…THE PIPE

  1. hi there,
    did you used a Rhino script for the laser cutting template? i am trying to do the same thing for my architectural model using Grasshopper in Rhino. would u mind sharing your script with me?


    • Hi PK.

      Students used a custom Rhinoscript to create the cutting templates for their files. This script is available in the ‘Toolkit’ section of this blog (Pipe Rib Maker Rhinoscript). However keep in mind this a very customized script for written for a specific use, which may not be appropriate to what you are looking for.

      Alternatively there is a great Grasshopper definition by Lift Architects (link is also in the ‘Toolkit’ page) that may be of use to you.


  2. alright I managed to work the script, its running; however, problems occur evertime I’m prompted with the “enter test number / name” “Jess” portion, Help?

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