Making the pipe

making the pipe in rhino is reasonably easy.

once the ready made 3dm file is opened in rhino, start playing around.
creating a surface and adding points gives you a chance to manipulate the forms of the pipe.

pull the points outwards or inwards
select just one  or more points
type scale or scale 2D

once finished playing load the ready made script.
i loaded script c.
(apparently way to early)
script c didn’t have tags, which made things extremely hard to know what goes where

script f is the working one

back up a step….
the script flattens the pipe and makes sections so the pipe can be cut and build

they are all placed on top of each other
move them apart and place them in 900×600 rectangle (the size of the plywood)
by ungrouping you can select bits

check pieces
trim off unwanted pieces
(saves room on the plywood and saves cutting time)

import to illustrator
make lines .001
use the laser cutter to cut

i had problems with my plywood curving
the laser would not cut all the way through
it would burn the ply
a little trick i learnt: use double  sided tape and fasten to a 6mm MDF board
(slight warning, it’s hard to remove from the MDF, but it does cut)

well three times cut, for every time i’ve redone this it has become easier
lets hope this one works!!


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