Task Three- The Wave

Once again we were given a template of a surface that had been pulled and pushed but could also be tessellated.  For this task we were asked to create a pattern of lines that could be applied to the surface.  I decided to use a pattern similar to the artist Kerrie Poliness.  Once the pattern was complete I used the command ‘project’, which then project the pattern on the surface.

I then extruded the points using the commands we had been taught in the first task.  When I was happy with this I booked an appointment with Andrew Thompson.  We did a simulation and decided d what drills to use.  When that was resolved we sent the file through to the digital routing machine and put the square foam block into the machine.  I put on all the safety gear and watch to process to make sure everything ran smoothly.  After the foam came out of the machine I had to file down the edges to get rid of any excess foam.  I like the qualities of the foam; it almost appears as a huge ice block that’s been hacked into

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