Task Two-Jewellery piece and Folly

Started using a program called top mod. The program was easy to use but did have some restrictions and often crashed.  I decided to use a triangle as a base shape to try something a little different.  After playing around with topmod I finished my shape and exported it into Rhino.  This is where I scaled the shape appropriately for my jewellery piece 30 mm x 30 mm.

Then I exported the shape again and put it into Magics.  This program fixed the meshes so the shape was appropriate to send off to shapeways.  I then signed up an account with shapeways, chose a material and sent my .stl file away.

Two weeks later I received my package from shapeways. I was happy with the outcome.

For the folly I simply scaled the shape up to 100 mm x 100 mm.  I chose the area I wanted to expose an interior space. I created a surface to use as a trimming device.  I used the command ‘meshtrim’.

I then went through the same process as my jewellery; imported the file into Magics and fixed the meshes.  I emailed Andrew the file for a quote.  After I was happy with the price I asked Andrew to proceed with the printing.  The final piece showed some interesting interior spaces.

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