The Hybrid

For the very last assignment, what we really have to do is to create a piece of work, using RP techniques, in combination with other, more ‘traditional’, craft techniques. For me, I came up with an idea of raindrops. Instead of just creating a raindrop shape in Rhino, send it in the CNC milling machine then blabla, I wanted to make it more funky and have a different feeling. At last, I came up with an idea of a pentagon, upside down raindrops. Made up of resin, and to be hung up from the ceiling.

1. First in Rhino, offset different sizes of the pentagon, and the very last bit to leave is as a point. Started lofting them. Then I got what I have at the moment.

2. As for getting a mold for my resin, I need to get my mold vac-foam out of vivex, therefore, I need a mold again to get it vac-foamed. Started to stick 4 pieces of 12mm MDF boards together, way much to save money comparing to get a 48mm thick timber at the size I want. Picture above shows before and after being CNC milled.

3. 4 stick-together MDF boards being CNC milled and ready to vac-foam to get the mold for my resin.

4. I got my resin from Barnes in Richmond. What we need basically to make the resin is the mixture and mold release, and some colour dye. Mixing the mixture at the portion of 2:1(depends on which kind of resin you getting, some must be measured off volume). Before pouring in the mixture, apply a layer of vaseline or the mold release. While I doing all these things, started to draw up the overhead hanging piece how I want it to look like. Illustrator file ready! Laser cutting time!

5. While pouring in the mixture, I also added in fishing wire to use it to hang on my ceiling thing.After an over night, the resin got totally dried (it says it’ll dry in couple hours, I just left it over night for secure). Hang in up properly in position. DONE!

Kevin How Chin Chong


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