many ways to skin a lamp

So I thought I’d show 2 very simple ways of doing this exercise –

1:  Radial waffle construction, using the ‘Pipe’ Rhinoscript.

Start with your lamp shape surface

Use the Rhinoscript Pipe Maker (remember to save as .RVB file type)

Type 'LoadScript' within Rhino to run the script.

Let the script do its thing...

Script still running...

this is the 3d view (the script won't output surfaces, only cutting curves)

Simple render with lights shows the shadows from the radial ribs


2:  ‘normal’ waffle construction using grasshopper definition.

Same Shape, different rib making method

This is where you reference the geometry you want to cut, and the path of the cutting plane

The 3d view

Another simple render to see the different shadows cast



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