Refining my Design

I’ve decided to keep my design quite simple, so that the focus remains on the materiality covering the light.

I experimented with a range of designs:

After researching the designs by Ango, I noticed most of their shapes are very simple in design it is the beautiful materials they use which sets their range apart. I will follow their lead therefore, and have chosen this simple design for my light:

After establishing my design, I finalised the dimensions I wanted. My design will be a table-light of the following dimensions:

(view in elevation, dimensions in mm).


I was initially planning on using MDF for the skeleton of the light, however given the scale of it, I feel cardboard is a more practical option as it is much lighter.

To refine my material choice, I have researched the various types of cardboard available and feel the best option is a corrugated for its strength. I will confirm the width of the cardboard after visiting a supplier.


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