re-inventing the bulb

so my thinking started with this idea of the everyday domestic light bulb;

an electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing a wire filament that emits light when heated by electricity.

i love;

so, i intended for my final design to look something like,                                             this piece below by Barend Hemmes.                                                                                           i used this source as a primary reference to understand the fabrication of a 3dimensional lightbulb.

drawing in rhino;

 it is a program quite new to me, but thanks to toolbox and other online tutorials i seem to be picking it up.

these are a few shoots of my work in progress..

material choice;

the frame of this bulb is to be constructed out of a clear/opaque acrylic perspex.  where i want to achieve this sense of transparency; something that i believe is a dominent characteristic of ‘the everyday domestic light bulb’.


im thinking of skinning my light bulb with a wrapping technique,  the material i was thinking to wrap and skin my bulb in was some type of thread, but i clearly need to spend some more time researching as i would like to use some form of transparent thread?

                                                                                                                                    lauren delacca

2 thoughts on “re-inventing the bulb

  1. Hey,

    I had a question regarding that lamp of yours I really would like to replicate it. I have been playing around in Rhino and with grasshopper, did you ever construct it? Thats the Berend Hemmes Light bulb by the way.

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