beginnings in blender- trial 1

My first experiment in blender started out by copying the original box to form two striaght lines. From here, the idea was to transform the same box faces in one line to link to the same box faces in the line above. This was to be repeated on the opposite side of the box line so that when finished the shape formed a long spring.

Here it is in edit mode. As you can see I varied the rotation, extrusion and length of the original boxes.

The same persepctive as before but just viewed in ‘object mode’ rather than ‘edit mode’. Changing this view allowed be to decided how much I wanted to modify the surface.

At this point I panned around in 3D to view the shape from different angles. I found it quite interesting that while the overall shape and size of the spring varied quite considerably when viewed in perspective, it was still possible to maintain a clear view down the central axis. You can quite easily imagine this shape being used for a bridge or shelter design.

The final step. After selecting all and making sure all faces were solids, I changed to ‘object mode’ to modify the shape. For this modification I smoothed the shape in ‘x’ and ‘y’ direction…. and repeated the modification 8 times. The result was a finer and more delicate looking spring shape.

…. back to the drawing board!

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