Mesh fixing in Magics

Once you’ve modelled both your column and your jewelry piece, they will each have to be fixed before they can be sent to the 3d printer.  We will be using the software Magics, installed on the RMIT machines.

1:  Import your STL file into Magics.  File -> Import Part

2:  If your mesh has too many polygons (over 1 million), you can use the Triangle Reduction tool in Magics.  Tools ->  Triangle Reduction.  Choose the smallest level of detail (in mm) and then hit OK.

Triangle reduction in Magics

Triangle reduction in Magics

3:  To start using the Fix Wizard, go to Tools -> Fix Wizard.  In the Diagnostics page, click “Update” to see if there are any errors in your mesh.

Fix Wizard

Fix Wizard Diagnostics - lots and lots of mesh errors!

4:  Read the Advice in the Panel and Click “Go To Advised Step

5:  Most meshes will be able to be fixed by following the advice on the screen, and using the Automatic Fixing option (remember to click “Update” after each step to check how many errors are still currently in your file).


Other mesh fixing tools, which are free:


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