Blend Blend Blend

After some pratice of the shortcuts, I got the hang of blender
I actualyl quite enjoy it, it’s very geometric based witht the cube structure

So I first started with 4 cubes

Then I duplicate and duplicate and duplicate

I decide to add more cubes inbetween, I wanted to randomise the cubes as much as I can
So some of the surface I would rotate and make new faces with surface opposite

Yay for pretty blender model

Subsurf makes everything look better!
But are those cracked liek lines supopse to be there? =\

Wanted it to have a bit of a tassle and wavery form at the end, exploring with rotate

Subsurf, subsurf, subsurt
But then i only realised that it’s suppose to be a column like structure….but I don’t know how to undo the modifyer because it’s already been saved… D:

Not matter going to import it into rhion as a practice anyways

Need to double check the export settings with Jessica, there’s a lot of different option…


So something must have gone wrong =\

3 thoughts on “Blend Blend Blend

  1. i did remember you saying stuff about setting all the object solid before but i didn’t quite remember why and when we do it

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