finalising blender

i started making more column like structures in rhino ..

i kind of like how this one went a little wavy on the bottom, so this is what i started flowing with

made quite a few different shapes and decided to go with the one below, it reminds me of a shell

so i imported them into magics and ran the fix wizard, and followed all of the automatic fixing steps

but there were still rex x’s.. after jess’s help she suggested going back to seeing where the problem was, the red part you can see in the pictures didn’t show up in rhino because it was way too thin so in rhino there was a gap, even though it was a good mesh it was hard trying to find where the problem was.. so i decided to try a few different simple shapes..

but they were all bad meshes..

so i decided to go back to the shape i used last week, even though it isn’t a column i’ll just stretch it and modify it a little to make it appear more column like since i already really like the jewelry shape i’ve made and know it already works in magics/shapeways

so the next step is to model the above shape to make it more column like and make sure that it all works in magics

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