Use spin tool and Shift+D to create a circle of cubes.

Here are things I found useful while modeling in Blender.

I kept tab in between edit mode and object mode to see if what I’m modeling is what I’m expecting. (cause it went wrong before and when I thought I finished the model and start to do the smoothing part I realized that it looks completely different from what I imagined)

You can also check if you’ve got breaks in your model by adding modifier, it is good to keep doing this while modeling in progress, so that you can fix it up before it gets too complicated.

Sometimes you see the breaks when you add modifier, that probably because your vertices are not closed. To close the vertices, once you find out where the problem is,  select the vertices, Shift+S — Snap — Selection (Centre).

Before you add modifier in object mode. In edit mode, select all — W — Remove doubles. That’s because when you add modifier even if your vertices are closed, it still have breaks cause you’ve got double vertices in your model. It will also show you how many vertices are removed. It’s helpful when you try to fix the breaks.

Scale the model.

Shift+D to duplicated the model I’ve made and used similar methods to make connection between the two object.

Scale & Rotate the model again to make a different version

Export the file as  Wavefront(.obj) and click on Add Modifier

Finally ready for rhino 😀

Yangyang Chen


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