Column and Jewellery


For my final column design, I started by creating a simple shape that I like in blender.

I tried to create a different shape by duplicating, rotating and combining the two columns together.

This is the outcome of the column after combining and adding modifier – subsurf up to level 4.

In Rhino, I’ve added a base to the column to allow it to stand by itself.


With the shape of the column above, I then created the shape of my jewellery which is a pendant. First of all, the blender file for the column design is being exported into ‘obj’ file in order to be imported into Rhino. A bounding box is created for the column which is then being scaled up to 50 x 50 x 150mm. Before scaling it up, the column is being rotated using ‘Rotate 3D’ so that it stands vertically. A straight line is also drawn and placed in the middle of the column for flowing.

With the command ‘flow’, different shapes of jewellery are being formed by drawing various curve lines such as helix, spiral, circle and etc.

These are some of the outcomes that I’m satisfied with.


I’ve also tried to create different forms using different columns.


This is my final design for jewellery which is a pendant.

The formed is then being scaled to the size of 40 x 40 x 15mm.

and yes. it is a good mesh! which is ready to be exported to Stereolithography (*.stl) file for Magics software.


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