Communication Action_13 Arpil 2011

From the last class, due to the face that my model is too thin and it can’t be able to print.

this time, I am just going to “Ctrl + D” everything and play around with shape instead of the scale and rotate.

when I am trying to smooth the object, the small part just pop out.

trying to put the object back to normal and find out the problem.

turns out the problem is some few faces were inside out and overlapping.

so i go back fixed the single object and copy it again to make sure everything will be the same (fixed)

to make it more supported

transfer the object from blender to rhino, export it as “obj.” file

type “unifymeshnormals” and it help to smooth the bad joined faces.

and “boundingbox” the scale

putting the base

type “checkmesh” and rhino will give you the result and tell you if your mesh is good or bad

if it the result come out it’s a bad mesh with invold degenrate mesh faces, just type “Culldegeneratemeshfaces”

and check again, mine one turn out with a good result afterward, so I didn’t learn much methons.

“Flow” the object to make your another object, which will be sent it to the wedsite (shapewave)

tying different shape and flow alone with it, remember to swich the “stretch” on

extreme shape might not work cause the object will break, overlapping

simple circle might work

change the scale make it flatter

“checkmesh” and it’s a good mesh

export the model/ object into “stl.” file and open up the Magic program and input the file

to make sure there are no mistake when the printing process begin, Magic have the auto-fixing program. to check your model/ object and make sure there will be no error.

(check on this fool, useful when your object has too many faces)

if the auto fixing didn’t work, there are few way to fixed it by manually clicking the arrow below and few option from the sidebox


(Fill the Hole)


Kelvis Liu_S3232854

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