finally done!

as i said in my previous posts i decided to go back to my original jewellery design piece and use that column shape, which i sent off to shapeways last week and is currently in the middle of being created/shipped..very exciting!

so i had completed the models in rhino, good mesh’s and everything exported the objects as a .stl file into magics to do some final fixing, to make sure it’s all good to go..

this shape didn’t give me too much grief which was good, through the fix wizard and the auto correction i only had to go through it about 4 or 5 times until i got all green ticks..yay!

however i started doubting my column would be able to stand steady so i thought just to be safe attach a base to the bottom, if you look in the above image you can see the 2 bottom bits are quite thin hence my doubting.

no biggie at all to add in the shape and the fix wizard had no problems again..the only thing was the file was wayyyy to big for some reason so i had to use the triangle reduction tool a tad just to make the file smaller so i can email it through to andrew for printing (very odd..the tiniest reduction made the file go from 49mb to 1mb :S )

a few very quick renders using the v-ray render in rhino..i was lucky enough to learn a bit more about v-ray in my studio last week so it wasn’t too difficult..

i think i used a titanium -gloss? material but adjusted the gloss levels so they weren’t too shiny and those model people are the greatest! even though they are slightly creepy …

i really love the shape of my pendant so i thought i would render it using a glossy silver material, so if i like my shapeways model and really want a silver one i’ll know what to expect 🙂

a few problems along the way but everything has come together in the end


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