Blend -> Rhino -> Magic

I wanted to be ambitous and make a very detail and fluid model”, so I redid what I model last time, but with more detail

This time i know how to set all faces to solid before I subsurf my model, so the cracks would be fixed

Prettyness with subsurf!!! I was really happy with the way that the curves are formed, it was almost exactly what i wanted 🙂

Rescale, although it doesn’t really make the model much bigger than it is

Ah! Ugliness!

Fixed it with “uniftmeshnormal”

Creating the line for the model to FLOW around, I was going to make a ring, however i thought the mode would be too small therefore become unprintable
And also the model will be quite thick on the finger, it would be a very uncomforatable ring

So I made sure that the flow don’t overlap each other and this is the result of the flow

I got a good mesh result, which is pretty suprising seeing everyone is encountering problems even though their shape is fairly geometric

Column making with base, as soon as I add a base, trim and all, it will come out with a bad mesh 😦
But it’s a good mesh on its own!
So I had to export them seperately and combine them in magic


Getting all the ticks were tricky, I first used “triangle reduction”, then offset the model so it’s a big thicker
“Fix” the problems, then had to manually  detect overlapping triangles, “stitch” them together
And here we are 🙂

Join (Boolean) the base together with the model in magic. Then check again, fix some bugs and look at all the green ticks!

A bit fixing, although there are something odd going on with the tassle, but I’m going to leave it as it is….
8 hours straight on ONE model are a bit too much for me
Perhaps I’ll come back to it another time

My jewelry piece on Shapeway, pretty!


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