Berenice and Lauren

I teamed up with Lauren Delacca to work on project 4. We are excited about this project and its outcome. We have decided to design watches! We spent all day today working on it. We designed our watch straps ( a quite simple design that should work). We will be laser cutting these straps. We are going to laser cut our watches in different materials to have a variety of watches but also to test which material is the best one to use. We will be using polypropylene (different colors) and card.

We also designed patterns to make all different kinds of stencils. We are going to laser cut these patterns into mdf. and use some kind of ink or spray or even paint/markers to stencil our patterns onto our straps.

We are designing a watch for each day of the week. We will have one watch face and 7 different straps. One strap for each day of the week (each strap will have the names of the days on it). The point of this decision is to be able to switch from one strap to another each day. We have finished our rhino files, and are ready to laser cut! Can’t wait to see the result and actually be able to wear these watches!

To design our watches, we based our dimensions on these drawings, but we also measured our own watch so that it could actually fit around our wrists.

This is the design of our watch strap. ready for laser cutting (squeezing them all together to avoid a waste of material).

The design of our watch straps with the name of the days on them.

These are our first set of stencils with 4 different patterns. Since we were two, we both worked on stencils and did 4 each each.

I forgot to take a shot of the screen with the other set of patterns. will post later.

Berenice Mazounie /  Lauren Delacca


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