i love lamp

i finally went to get my lamp cut yesterday, it was a tad scary working the laser machine for the first time but it was so exciting to watch it cut out all the lines so quickly and perfectly

i was a bit unsure how the lamp would turn out since they were just straight panels


putting the lamp together, still a little unsure, was thinking about cutting out some more cardboard to cover the gaps

^ the offcuts turned out quite pretty

but then i changed my mind..playing around with it as a lamp right way up and upside down i decided i’m pretty happy with it and the shadows are kinda cool too


walking around with the lamp i noticed you get a different kind of shadow being so far away from the light source


then my dad who was having just as much fun as i was, decided to hold it up to the ceiling light as a pendant which i really love!

again completely different shadows depending on the light that is used

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