Print Print Print

I went to collect my model and Andrew were there, he was kind enough to let me pull out my model from the printer!!!

Brush the powder off, but Andrew said it might break the model so he pull it out carefully and put it in chamber

He then use compress air to get ride of the powder, he said he’s really suprised at how the model hasn’t broken yet

Andrew suggest me not to move the model out of the printer room, because it’s so fragile, so about anything could have break it!

He didn’t spray the strengthener spray onto my model because it has happen before that the model broke after spraying the strengthener because it creates weight in the place that has been sprayed.

Close up!

Andrew tell me to send another email into require how much will my model be if I printed it with the Objet (Plastic) Printer, that way I could actually bring my model around as the material is strong than the powder.

Very excited! I’m very happy with the way that the model turn out.
(Maybe not so with the inability to be touched/transported)

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