Try Try Try

I tried playing around with the form because I didn’t want to just flow it in a circular shape

(Mainly because it looks ugly in my opinion)

But I found out that there are too many bit that are over lapping and doing something weird
Even if I stitch it and fixing it in magic, it just doesn’t work 😦

So I’ve decided to go back to the basic

Simple flow

It is getting really small when I scale it to jewelry size, so i have to ensure that most of the width of the mesh has to be more than 1mm in order for it not to break easily

All green ticks 🙂

Didn’t encounter too much problem while fixing it in Magic

I’ve sent my model to print on Shapeway

Printing it in metal is so expensive! so I decided to order one White, Strong and Flexible Polished and  one white, strong and flexible (black)

Shapeways have emailed me that both of the models are being printed

Let’s hope it arrive soon!

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