Final hand-in dates for all projects, and the fabFab exhibition has been confirmed, and is now in Week 13.  The due date for ALL assessment for this subject is now Monday the 30th May, Level 11 gallery space, at 3pm.

The exhibition will run for four days only, finishing on Thursday the 2nd June.  Everyone will need to be free for some part of both days to setup and packup the exhibition.

Check list of everything that is due:

Class work projects:  70%

Four projects, first 3 worth 15% each, final assignment 25%.

1:  Your Lamp assignment

2:  Your Obelisk and jewelry pieces

3:  Your Tiles (foam and cast plaster)

4:  Your Hybrid piece.

Design blog:  20%

Everything you do for this subject should be documented through images (photos, drawings, screenshots, renders) and uploaded to the subject blog/wiki.   You are required to post a minimum of one blog entry a week (so about 12 entries as a minimum, 3 entries per project).  You are strongly encouraged to post up relevant links, and to comment on each others work.

Portfolio for exhibition: 10%

As a basic minimum guide – A4, landscape, bound on the left, 8 pages mininium (2 pages for each project = 1 ‘process/development’ page + 1 ‘final images’ page)

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