Britt & Natasha’s Tile- Development:

Creating the plaster tile proved a very large challenge, however Natasha and I did the best we could to alter the techniques we used in order to create a successful tile.

After receiving our foam tile, we were very happy with the result:

Following the unavailability of the VacForm machine, we decided the best way to go about making the plaster tiles was to create a boundary box around the tile, and pour plaster into this. The result would be an inverse of the foam tile, but we felt that given the time frame this was the best method of creating a successful tile.

Our first attempt did not go as planned. We layered a large amount of melted Vaseline in between the foam and tile. Despite this the plaster stuck to the foam for some reason and its very difficult to remove.

The result was that the tile looked like it ought to- all of the details came through, except that it broke as we removed it.

Following this attempt we decided to add a layer of gladwrap in between the foam and vaseline to guarantee that we would be able to remove the tile.

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