plaster casting

who would of known a little blue foam block could make me get so confused and stressed! after much indecision about which way to go with protecting my foam block from the plaster i decided to go with a waterproof epoxy resin (after testing first) which applies as a white paste but dries clear

i  applied the resin and spread it as much as possible with a large brush then had to use to a finer brush to ensure the resin went into each gap and covered it all properly, also that there was a thin, even amount of resin everywhere. i did 1 coat then had to wait about an hour before applying the next coat which had to dry overnight with the aid of the fireplace..

next morning the resin seemed to have dried enough. i attached my wooden stops around the edge of the block then sprayed a generous amount of cooking oil spray just to make sure the plaster would come off

the plaster caused me quite a bit of grief it wasn’t mixing right… i almost used up an entire 2.5 kg bag and half an hour trying to get the right consistency as the instructions failed me 😦 but i got there eventually and it was quite daunting pouring it in and hoping it wouldn’t seep out everywhere! i tried to get it as smooth as possible, felt like i was making a cake…i wish!

about 2 hours later the plaster seemed set enough for me to take the stop ends off..however it was still a little warm in the centre so i left it for a while longer

ok now it was about 5 hours later and i was getting increasingly disappointed and doubtful (freaking out slightly), the thing wouldn’t budge off the foam, i decided to leave it in front of the fire to hopefully dry it quicker and it worked! with a lot of careful effort the plaster finally came loose from the foam! i don’t think i’ll ever be as excited about a plaster cast again in my life! i am so happy with the result i just hope i’ll have enough time now to do a couple more by monday (almost took me a day and a half..err)

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