cutting the bulb










for my light blub lamp i had planned on using clear acrylic in order to achieve the transparent look of an average light bulb.  i decided however to do a few practice runs before i did the real deal in the acrylic.

my first test was in MDF sheets however the laser cutter didnt do a clean cut through so i decided to do another tester in boxboard card.  the cardboard prototype was successful and it encouraged me to do the final cut in acrylic.



















the acrylic cuts turned out really nice, i didnt seem to have any problems where the machine hadnt cut through properly this time, it was all clean cut.

however when it came to me constructing the light bulb with the vertical and horizantal ribs i realised that something was not right.

the slots in which i had drawn in my design were to 3mm, and the acrylic sheet that i had bought was 3mm but for some reason the ribs weren’t slotting into one another.  as i think the acrylic sheets that i had bought may have been something like .1mm thicker than they should have been.

so the solution to this problem was to either sand back all these slots, which seemed impossible as the ribs were very narrow and would be easily snapped.












i then decided to cut my lamp out of MDF as it seemed like the best alternative solution.  i’m glad i had to make this switch in materials as during the process of constructing the bulb i noticed that the vertical ribs needed to bend/stretch quite a bit within the lamp.












and this is an image of my final lamp; constructed out of 3mm MDF and skinned with black stocking


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