Hybrid #2

So first of all I laser cut the designs which I previously posted. I had already prepared with resins and pigments and needed to vac form my glasses to make moulds to cast off. As the school vac form was broken, I outsourced a company who agreed to do it for me for a six pack of beer which was awesome. I was able to get some great resin casts from these moulds.

The resin set hard, but was quite flexible so I had to use a more rigid back surface. I chose to use wood and acrylic depending on the style of frames. Each pair of frames is three layers thick with the middle layers eyehole offset wider by 1mm to hypothetically allow a lens to fit through.

Initially I attempted to remove the hardware from glasses I picked up at savers but this proved to be impossible. I then developed a concept of interchangeable straps, where the person could actually detach the straps themselves and change them for different ones. I did some research into clips and magnets which i have tested on these prototypes. I found these magnets called ‘rare earth’ which are unbelievably strong, and I think they are very successful.


(I’m totally flooding the blog, Sorry! I can’t seem to download a slideshow plug-in)


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