Hybrid Addition

I kind of felt like the lamp needed a stand, so as well as my other hybrid project I decided to do another. I really hate MDF so I decided to use plywood to make my stand. I wanted to laser cut it as part of the RP technique however, you can only cut up to 3mm ply on our school lasers so i decided to cut it out 3 times and laminate the 3mm sheets of ply together myself.

Next I stained the ply as I’m not a huge fan of fair ply

I used double wingnut bolts at the base and just one on the arm to allow it to swing

And wella! A stand!

I must admit its not the strongest stand in the world, but not bad as a prototype. It would have been alot tronge had I moved the double slats down about 100mm closer to the x frame base.


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