Hybrid technique



Sonic Lamp



Sakura-(Mould form)

Hybrid assignment:  we (group with Jia) decided to use 6 circle as a pattern to explore, which looks like a flower. we decide to make different objects individually using this pattern as a group work.

I have made quite few objects from petal pattern.  Sonic lamp is ceiling hang lampshade which is simply made by layers and layers of lazercut MDF petal pattern, each layers size getting bigger. I used glue gun and 6mm dawl to join each layers of petal to make a flower.

2 wall hanging objects; I search for what type of flower i’d like to make first, then I choose small gypsohlia and paeonia for wall hanging object, Sakura for plaster petal tiles,  (but couldn’t done this one without having an access to vacuum form machine).
paeonia is assembled with dressing pin, form board, glue gun. I have simply decided individual petal heights and position.  paint to finish after lazer cut.

also made a Clock!   I had a fun making them:)


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