watch banding

for our hybrid assignment Bernice and myself buddied up in order to create our very own changeable watch bands.

our band shape looked like this








and we also designed stencils in order to create patterns for these bands.








we cut both our stencils and bands in the laser cutter here are some pictures.










this was the process of actually making the bands and the stencils to decorate them.








here is some shots of us decorating our watch bands.


One thought on “watch banding

  1. your work is amazing! What programs do you use for the lazer cutter .ie design programs?
    I wonder if you could give me advice or have a chat… I’m a fashion Atelier student located in the UK I am looking to use resin/ or laytex in my next collection with a wood effect as part of the garment and make detachable accessories too.. take a look at my professional work on my web site and hope we have a chat!

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